Masquerade by Kit Williams



by Kit Williams (1979)
was the first of its kind, often imitated, never surpassed,
this treasure hunt book inspired imaginations around the world.

by David Blaine (2002)
features a $100,000 Challenge,
authored by “the son of John who nearly stepped off a cliff.”

Mysterious Stranger by David Blaine
The Gold Bug by Edgar Allen Poe

by Edgar Allen Poe (1843) describes how the carcass of an odd insect leads to the discovery of Captain Kidd’s lost treasure.

by M.R. James (1904) tells the legend
of the treasure hunt for the seven-eyed cross.

The Treasure of Abbot Thomas by M.R. James
Sleuth by Anthony Shaffer

(1972) Mystery writer Laurence Olivier invites loverboy Michael Caine to his mansion of puzzles and games to exact deadly revenge. Video - DVD

(1973) James Coburn is the sadistic host of a continental party game to die for. Written by Anthony Perkins & Stephen Sondheim. Video - DVD

Blame these films for inspiring me to do mystery and treasure hunt parties which eventually led this Fool to his Errand.

Last of Sheila by Anthony Perkins and Stephen Sondheim
The Customary Cipher

featuring quotes from The Devil’s Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce.

by Nick Baxter
A tribute to antique wood and molded plastic, recreated online.

by Robert Abbott
Don’t miss his outrageous essay Video Games Are Incredibly Stupid!

A Clockwork Orange Orson Welles, radio commercial outtakes Ghostbusters The Addams Family The Munsters
Der Panther, a German poem by Rainer Maria Rilke Christopher Lee as Dracula Famous Monsters of Filmland The Outer Limits, 1963-1964 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang song
The Marvelous Ed Pegg Jr. The Straight Dope by Cecil Adams Tom Lehrer calvin and hobbes make snowmen! The Darwin Awards
National Puzzler's League The Guinness World Records Rider-Waite Tarot Deck